Tee Shirt Printing

The term “You are what you wear.” has never been this applicable. A simple tee shirt, a hoodie, a polo tee, the possibilities are endless. As a fashion statement, or just a plain statement, it’s up to you.

Your logo on it, or your thoughts, either way works.

custom tee shirt

Printing available in multiple types of garments. Here are some of the most commonly used in the market:

100% Cotton

PINK cotton teeBlue cotton tee

The most basic a common material in the market, 100% cotton, and a good reason for it too. Featuring a soft touch and high liquid absorbent features, cotton is the basic when it comes to comfort, looks and daily wear. Lasts and average of 2 years of heavy use, cotton is inexpensive, highly suitable for tropical weather and not to mention, cheap!

Commonly found in normal Tee shirts, hoodies, pants, skirts, caps, and even table cloths!

100% Polyester

eyelet weave 100% polyester
close knit 100% polyester

Polyesters are man-made fibres which provides a very unique feature: It does not easily absorb moisture. Touted as a must for sports wear, outdoors, gym and basically any strenuous activity which makes one perspire a lot, polyester material fabrics have been the go to material to sports due to its toughness and limited stretching ability.

Depending on the weave type and the fabric, some polyester garments may be thicker and has different look and feel to it.

Unique printing methods are available for polyester material garments which provides vibrant and beautiful colors at a lower cost!

Cotton and Polyester Blended

blended polo tee

Blended tees offers the best of both worlds: soft supple comfort with tough and lasting material. These blended materials are weaved in a honeycombed form for support of the materials in terms of weight distribution and and air flow.

Commonly found in Polo tees, this material is the idea for keeping the shape of the shirt, for a really really long time.

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