Stickers and Labels

Stickers comes in all shapes, forms and materials. But their purpose remains unchanged.

To provide information to objects via a simple and efficient form. Warning label? Instruction Label? Packaging design? Nothing comes easier than self adhesive stickers

White base PVC or Mirrorkote

diecut stickersThese printable stickers offer a simple solution to all your packaging and labeling needs. No limitation in color, size or shape, these stickers are easily applicable to all surfaces with their self adhesive function.

For packaging and indoor use, the application for these stickers are limitless, and allows high visibility on an background due to its on innate white base.

Stickers are quoted based on quantity and size.

Transparent base stickers

Transparent stickers

Transparent based stickers are commonly used in packaging, due to its limited opacity, these are commonly used on fair colored backgrounds. Most commonly seen on transparent shampoo bottles, glass as well as plastic.

Looking for a unique packaging option at a lower cost? Consider our transparent stickers for a look that truly stands out from your competitors.

Stickers are quoted based on quantity and size.

Decals & Vinyls

decalsticker vinyl

Decals are self adhesive stickers that comes in a single color and are commonly seen on cars. These single color pieces are rugged, highly adhesive, leaves no stains upon removal and will not fade in color when exposed outdoors.

Commonly used on cars and signboards, these versatile material comes in its own bright colors, and are made into the desired shape. For both indoor and out door use, the optimum solution when you and your company are related to the automotive industry. It’s bright, it’s simple, it’s highly visible.

Stickers are quoted based on quantity and size.