Pins & Badges

In accessories and garment decoration, there a multiple types of pins and badges that one can use to portray your affiliation, company, or just plain hobbies.

3D casted pin

Available in multiple sizes, types and colors, as well as differences in cost, pins allow a new option of decoration with more classy look and feel.

Button Badges


These button badges are round in shape, are one of the most easily available items in the market. Comes in multiple sizes of 32mm, 58mm or 75mm diameter, there are sizes to suit all occasions and purposes.

The picture shown above are the most common glossy finishing, the finishing coat of the button badges varies from matte, glossy, starry, faux leather and many more.

Plated and Etched metal pins with Epoxy Coating

epoxycoated pin

The most commonly seen round metal pin with a curved and soft rubber like finishing. These pins are the most ideal and unique decorative accessories that makes you and your staff stand out during event and conferences. Forget name tags, stickers and lanyards to show which company you come from.

Put this on any blouse or shirt, pin it to your tie, collar, or pocket, and stand out from the crowd.

3D Casted metal pins

3d casted pin

These 3D button badges portray your logo and icon to whatever shape you desire, fully 3D and not just a flat surface. These pins will highlight any and all notches and grooves. Cast, carved and polished straight from metal, these pieces will shine and last much longer than any other types of pins.

These unique pins are the optimum solution as gifts, to show appreciation to valued staff members, as well as providing recognition to VIPs.

Etched & Enamel Colored Pins

skinorigin etched enamel pin
spring etched enamel pin
c50 enamel pin
Etched and enamel colored pins are one of the most highly demanded items in the market. With it’s bright metal polish and colors, the design itself becomes a unique art piece, and stands out when attached to any garments.

A metal piece is etched by machine with high precision, ensuring even the most minute details and colors are correct, ensuring your intending design comes out as per envisioned.

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