Graphic Design

Logo Design & Creation


While it is not strictly necessary, pictures, icons and logos have now started to play a big part of consumer perception. Having a proper and professionally designed logo and icon has been proven to increase customer awareness and recall more than just a company name.

We at Moeco provide professional logo creation services most suited for your purpose. Whether launching a brand or starting a business, pictures speak louder than words.

Document Template


While we have softwares to assist us, hard copies of documents such as  Delivery Orders, written invoices and Sales order forms are sometimes  needed.
We provide templates as well as ground up design for your official  documentation to ensure a smoother transaction from purchasing to selling.

Redrawing and Tracing


See a logo or picture that you like? And wish to use it as a base for your very  own original design? Or did you lose the high resolution file of your own picture? We can assist in making a low resolution picture into a scalable graphic. Which means from a picture that can only be printed in small sizes into a large billboard, making it a high resolution, noise free graphic just for your use.

Product Mock-up


From graphic to product, there are a multitude of steps involved. Mostly to  prevent implications during the production line, digital mock-ups of various products are a very important requirement. Mocks up range from small items such as keychains and button badges, to Tshirts as well as large signboards. A digital mock up provides a very precise image on what the final product will be, decreasing miscommunication between the customer and the supplier. Reducing mistakes, time, as well as cost.