Business Card Printing

A small rectangular piece of paper, which serves and an introduction as we as a reminder. In business we understand the importance of such an article, and how one presents his or her name card, as well as the design and printing done on it, speaks more than any dialog.

Below are some explanations of commonly seen printing methods for name cards, it is impossible to say which is better than the other, but instead it is more reliant on the design of the user.

The basic – Matte Finishing Matte lamination namecard

Matte laminated are some of the most common and cost effective choices in the market. A thin matte layer of lamination protects the paper from wear and tear, as well as keeps the colors fresh.

Simple, elegant, cost efficient. A favorite of many companies.

A little extra – Spot UV

Spot UV matte lamination namecard

Take note on the left side of the card, where parts of it seems to reflect light better, that is Spot UV printing. With the slight added effect of 3D, there is also a slight bulge texture when touched. With this, a whole new platform of possibilities and design and presentation is established.

With a little tweaking, and a little extra cost, a presentation that not only lets you see the special effect, but touch it as well.

Traditional elegance – Hot Stamping

namecard - hot stamping gold

Hot stamping is the the process whereby a layer of highly reflective metallic color, commonly gold or silver is printed onto the namecard. This provides a highly reflective surface which gives different hue of color depending on the lighting and angle.

Hot stamping is somewhat limited in terms of color, which is gold or silver. But the reflective layer and pattern can be fully customized to display a truly unique design on your card, which the only limit is your imagination.

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