So we were at VAX


YESSSSSS Visual Arts Expo! It was ridiculously fun!

Unfortunately I was so captivated by Ladybeard and Back-on I don’t have much other pictures! 😀


20150823_123907This picture was taken during the interview/Q&A session earlier in the afternoon, there was a concert by Back-on, Ladybeard, Aimee B and also our very own very talented Harmonia! (but no pictures was allowed at the concert, so…)


20150823_123934And here’s another picture of Back-on!

20150823_174500It’s LADYBEARD!!!! A very talented entertainer who cross dresses and sings kawaii-pop with metal! He also speaks fluent Japanese, Cantonese, Mandarin, English & Dutch!

For more info on those two, check out these links:




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