Our first event: Nijikai 2015!


Hello world!

Here’s the post about Nijikai 2015 the very first ACG related (I say related because it’s in actuality closer to a very specific genre..) that we participated in on the 15th of August 2015!


To those of you who did not know, Sawachi Nijikai is an annual event that caters to the Yaoi/BL enthusiasts. And here are some pictures!

DSC06321KYAAAAAAA it’s Aarin from aarinfantasy! xD


DSC06325This was what our booth looked like! I know it’s small -_- but it was more than enough!




DSC07190Hehe, these 2 guys became my product ambassadors for the day! Glad you guys loved it!

The event was an interesting one, and was especially fun, and also I was really glad we managed to get a spot in the event! So many interesting people and quite an eye opener, overall I’m just happy that people like my designs \^o^/ !!

many thanks to Aarin for getting these pictures! Love them xD~


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